Be Memorable, Make History

Street Racing Is a Serious Business.


The most competitive space of Metaverse!

Building the World's First Competitive Metaverse!

CryptoNitro aspires to be the global leader in immersive and competitive experiences focused on community, media, games, and rewards.


A modern city was born in the desert. NitroCity, the richest, most famous and fastest city in the world.

My Avatar

Create your avatar the way you want it to be you within the NitroCity Metaverse!


Take the wheel of your car and test your skills on the NitroCity streets.

Car Meetings

Relax, socialize, have fun and compete inside NitroCity.


The best cars, the best drivers, in one place. To survive in NitroCity you need to be fast and furious.

The GameThe Game.

Press the play button and our Teaser Trailer bellow

In 2047 an energy and financial crisis has gripped the world for the last few decades, major fossil energy sources are running out and government currencies have collapsed. A new hope has appeared in the skies, NASA found a meteor with a mysterious ore whose initial readings indicated high energy levels.

About UsAbout Us.

About the project

CryptoNitro is a new concept of Competitive Game, using blockchain technology, focused on the automotive industry. Our plan includes a strong involvement of the corporate segment, attracting several brands, companies. We are more than a game, we will bring the motorsports company to the edge of blockchain technology.


Test-Drive Now, and see if you can beat Sheepy!

Download our Pre-Alpha below and prove your skills!

Collections Collections

World-class design requires world-class talent which is why we are the best.


Competitive GameCompetitive Game.

We create an Ecosystem with a healthy and lasting economy!

How to MonetizeHow to Monetize.

The elements that create our NITROX eco-system. If you dominate the rules, you dominate NitroCity.

Welcome to CryptoNitroWelcome to CryptoNitro


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Token FeaturesToken Features



  • Public Price:

    $0,08 USD

  • Maximum supply:

    150 Millions $NOX

Low Initial Market Cap!

  • TGE Supply Incl. Liquidity :

    11 Million $NOX

  • Initial Market Cap Excl. Liquidity:

    $480,000 USD


Nitrox Is a Deflationary BSC Utility Token For the CryptoNitro Ecosystem.

  • Token name: Nitrox ($NOX)
  • Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
  • Supply:
  • Decimals: 18


"Each Day We Will Achieve Something Special!"

MEET OUR BOARD OF ADVISORSMeet our board of advisors

Noel Gomes
Noel Gomes
Chairman of Board of Advisors
International Business Consultant
Marcos Lima
Marcos Lima
Advisory Member
Blockchain Specialist & Developer
Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo
Advisory Member
PhD & Master of Innovation
Asri Bendacha
Asri Bendacha
Advisory Member
Documentary Filmmaker & Netflix Producer
Neor Basteker
Neor Basteker
Advisory Member
Strategy & Partnership Speacialist
Enzo Nakase
Enzo Nakase
Advisory Member
Marketing & Growth Speacialist

Our PartnersOur Partners

The power of partnerships! If you are looking for a way to gain a competitive edge while utilizing the benefits of combined efforts,

a partnership may be a smart move to position your new business for success. And to secure your role in a robust, profitable business relationship,

be the partner you hope to find.

Binance Smart Chain

BECOME A PARTNERBecome a Partner

Be Part of it

If you are interested in hearing more from our team of dedicated experts about how you can become part of the biggest automotive show on WEB 3.0, please contact us below:

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