The most competitive space of Metaverse!

We are Developing an Exclusive Metaverse for CryptoNitro where the Universe of NitroCity will expand to the world level, We will not stop only at closed circuits, but we will create a Nitrocity never seen in Web 3.0, where every player who has his car can circulate in the city and bet races, among themselves, our artificial intelligence (Do not automatically create a route on your minimap, and the one that arrives there first you will win the competition and consequently your opponent's $NOX!


A modern city was born in the desert. NitroCity, the richest, most famous and fastest city in the world.


Building the World's First Competitive Metaverse!

Nitrocity in our Metaverse will be Gigantic, and will give players complete freedom to explore every square meter of our city, while having fun around our open world.

My GarageMy Garage

Garage is a custom space to keep your cars, customize, or even display for friends.


Amazing cars must be shown!

Build your own garage the way you want, with the characteristics that are your face, being able to leave it public (Everyone will be able to see it) or Private, where only you and your circle of friends can have access!


Create your avatar to be you within the NitroCity Metaverse!


Create your character!

Create your avatar the way you want, so it can be your you within the NitroCity Metaverse!

Customize your CarCustomize your Car

Customize your car, the way you want!


Customize your Car!

Make your car your own, put on our partners' wheels and make the mechanical upgrades, so that your car is even more competitive within NitroCity!

Car MeetingsCar Meetings

Meet your friends in NitroCity.


Join car meeting events and prove your cutomize skill!

If having car meetings in your city is already something very cool and fun, imagine you being able to do it inside our METAVERSE, where people from all over the world will participate! Show how amazing and unique your car is!

Street RacersStreet Racers

The winner takes all.


Be the best and dominate the NitroCity!

Find your opponent on the streets of NitroCity and bet a race for $NOX, Winner Takes ALL!

Fuel StationFuel Station

A good engine, must be full of fuel.


Nitrox is the Fuel of NitroCity!

As you run through the city, the fuel will run out, and you will have to fill up at a gas station, which will belong to a member of the community. It will go through a very rigorous selection process, thus being able to monetize within the city.

Mechanic ShopMechanic Shop

Strong engines must be repaired.


Repair your cars in the best place of NitroCity

Don't forget to review your car, every "X" Kilometers run, it will be necessary to do the review so you can continue competing on the streets of NitroCity, As well as gas stations, mechanics will also be from a member of the community which will be selected by a rigorous process!


First Metaverse GameFi Radio


NOX Radio is the best statition to listen good music.

Sync on the biggest Radio in METAVERSE to Radio NOX, where you can have access to information about CryptoNitro and you can also listen to some of our music.